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Magnetic charms for collecting

So-called charms are small and highly decorative pendants that you can attach to a chain or bracelet with a snap fastener. They allow you to let your creativity and individual preferences run free because charms develop an enchanting effect both on their own and in conjunction with other pendants.

ENERGETIX charms: high quality, versatile, modern

You've got the choice between widely differing motifs – from classic hearts to angel wings – at ENERGETIX's shop. Each charm comes with a magnet inside that will not only accompany you everywhere throughout your normal day but that is also able to noticeably improve your well-being. Even if you want to make a dear person happy, you're guaranteed to make the right choice by making gifts of magnetic charms. Why not take a look at our shop now and browse through our on-line catalogue or order a free copy to be sent to your home? And discover high-quality decorative magnetic pendants for ladies.